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Linda Wells is a Health and Performance Coach, specialising in increasing the enjoyment and success individuals seek. Linda is a practitioner with a talent in developing mindset power – a way of thinking which enhances self awareness, generates emotional wellbeing and changes behaviours – which impacts the quality of your life, influencing everything you say, feel and do.



creating the awareness to enhance your leadership style....

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developing the mental skills to get more of what you want....

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Emotional Wellbeing

freeing yourself from anxiety and stress to experience happiness....

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Weight and Health

sorting weight and health issues to improve your outcomes....

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Success Stories

  • Great health seminar

    An attendee at one of Linda Wells' recent seminars said: "The seminar was presented in a very supportive way with a wide variety of people, men and women, younger and older, attending. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed and I noticed that people around me were very engaged in the content.

    C. Manktelow

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Latest Posts

  • Look out for the energy thief!

    All people who work in business, must by their very nature, have loads of energy! Sometimes nothing else matters… if you don’t have the energy to run your own business then you’re most likely better working for someone else rather than yourself.

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